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Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance is of increasing importance in business today. Our service targets specific areas in which IT Security is typically overlooked and surfaces these issues for appropriate action.

Our security module scans your network and analyzes the data collected to produce a baseline set of IT security reports. We provide these reports on a regular schedule as part of our managed security service.

By performing regular security assessments, we help you protect your assets, guard against downtime, and allow you to sleep better at night. Our assessments highlight security issues and vulnerabilities across your network and server infrastructure, which works in tandem with our Dark Web scanning module to increase the overall security footprint of your organization. Our solution also provides external vulnerability scanning to identify any public-facing threats your organization may have, and once identified, mitigation procedures are initiated.

A one-time security scan and audit identifies issues at the point in time, with regular on-going scanning and reporting, your organization is protected from any new threats that may be introduced over time.

The process of assessing and maintaining compliance to any standard is the same, regardless of industry:

  1. Start with a complete understanding of all the rules that you are expected to follow.
  2. Establish internal policies and procedures to ensure your organization follows the rules.
  3. Regularly check and assess whether or not your organization is following the rules.
  4. Address issues whenever you discover the rules are not being followed.
  5. Document everything.

Our compliance module addresses all of these, and in conjunction with our compliance experts helps your organization to achieve GDPR Compliance with ensures you adhere to the Data Protection Law. When issues are discovered, we work with you to identify, plan, resolve and prevent future occurrences, recommending and implementing appropriately required technologies in the process.


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