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Established in 2016, SigNus Technologies leverages cloud and hybrid technology to deliver managed services solutions. Our cloud strategy allows us to break through the geolocation barriers of services delivery, and provide high quality, cost effective managed services to customers worldwide.

What We Do

Leveraging our capabilities combined with the expertise and technology of our partners, we provide customers advanced solutions across the Caribbean and North America. We aim to relieve customers of the burdens of IT management and allow them to streamline their business to focus on their core business offerings. We enable customers to simplify their IT environment and improve their processes by focusing on the core IT Competencies, including:

  • MSP Services
  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Consulting

Why Choose Us?

Signus has a highly skilled team with significant experience in designing and implementing IT solutions. We focus on the customer and ensure that the most efficient technologies are deployed. While using the most advanced technologies we deploy the most simple solutions to meet customer requirements. We constantly research technology trends and integrate varying solutions to work seamlessly within the customer's environment. Customers are given detailed and personal attention to ensure that we have a full understanding of their issues and their current and future requirements. We emphasise the following key principles:

  • Customer first - we strongly believe in helping the customer achieve their business goals, to do so we must first understand these goals and then align our solutions to meet these goals.
  • Advanced technologies - technology is constantly improving and we remain at the forefront of these improvements to ensure customers are getting the best that's available on the market.
  • Simplified solutions - we choose solutions that are not complex and as such are easy to secure and maintain which keeps overall costs down and increases upgradability.
  • Managed Services - we believe customers should focus on their core business as much as possible, as such we offer solutions that allows the customer to leave the management of IT assets to us, relieving them of that unnecessary burden.

What does this all mean for you?

We will deploy advanced solutions that are simple and effective that allow you to focus on your core business and assist with achieving your goals. 

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